We at LED-WORKS are proud to announce our cooperation with LICHT FÜR DIE WELT.

In many parts of the world, there are still insufficient medical resources to save people from going blind. 2.2 billion people worldwide suffer from a visual impairment, 36 million of them are completely blind.

While eye diseases such as cataracts or trachoma are curable here, things are different in the global south. If all those affected in the Third World were given the medical care they are entitled to, four out of five blindnesses could be avoided.

    ©Licht für die Welt, Photo by: Ulrich Eigner

    Light for the World is an international non-profit organization that works to improve medical infrastructure around the world. By building hospitals and training doctors and opticians, Light for the World guides help towards self-help. Carrying out operations and standing up for basic human rights also promotes a sustainable improvement in the local situation.

    Light for the World currently carries out around 60,000 operations annually in fourteen countries around the world and finances medicines that change lives. With the help that is provided, those affected not only regain their eyesight, but they are also given the opportunity to finally be able to lead a self-determined life again. The targeted education of those affected and their environment helps to simplify the integration into new life.

    Other activities of Licht für die Welt include promoting the education of handicapped children. Disabled children are taught side by side with children without disabilities. In this way, acceptance and inclusion in the community can be generated, especially in peripheral and poor areas.

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      Antonio from Mozambique is about to have his cataract surgery. His greatest wish: to be able to see again and to see his youngest son in the eyes for the first time. [Watch video]

      ©Licht für die Welt, Video by: Florian Plattner


      How your help will change lives in the long term:

      As a conscientious family business, we are aware of our social responsibility. Together with our customers, we want to counteract social inequality and give innocent disadvantaged people a chance. We are not friends of empty words and have therefore decided to convince ourselves with deeds.

      In the spirit of light, we decided to collaborate with Light for the World in the dark months of October, November and December. During these three months we will make part of our turnover available to the relief organization and thus provide help where it is most urgently needed.

      As our customer, you have the opportunity to become part of this campaign. With projects that you commission between October and December 2021, you are actively helping to gain access to our passion - light - to as many people as possible worldwide.

      If the price conditions remain the same, a portion of the amount paid goes to Light for the World and helps to create the vision of a world with more light for everyone.

      We thank you for your support and wish you a pleasant autumn time.

      You can find more information about light for the world and how we distribute the income from the project at www.led-works/light

        October 2021

        October is over and we are incredibly proud and grateful that we can be with your help in just one month

        40 blind, eye-sick and other disabled people

        to be able to give eyesight and a future.

        With our donation we help to build hospitals, train doctors and opticians, carry out operations and stand up for basic human rights and promote a sustainable improvement of the local situation.

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