Multiple LED lighting for multiple installations (recessed, surface-mounted or pendulum with wiring harness suspension), 3 standard sizes (Ø 400mm, Ø 600mm and Ø 1000mm), aluminum luminaire with opal properties (also micro-prismatic possible), 2 standard to choose from high lumen efficiency 110lm/W, color temperature adjustable by means of a slide switch on the luminaire (2700K + 3200K + 4000K), direct / indirect distribution, incl. integrated control gear DALI/SwitchDIM dimmable

Technical specifications

Diameter 400mm/ 600mm/ 1000mm
Emission: direct / indirect distribution
Light color: 3-CCT adjustable 2700K, 3200K, 4000K                                            (using slide switch before assembly)
Housing: black (RAL9005), white (RAL9016)
Diffuser: opal cover
CRI: >90Ra
Protection: IP40
Converter: incl. dimmable control gear (DALI/SwitchDIM)
Accessories: Pendulum suspenstion and microprismatic cover must be ordered seperatly